Work With Christine

Am I The Person Who Can Help You?

Answer these few short questions to help you decide.

I may be Your Collaborator if:

  • You know or believe that your infant or child has academic ability that would place him/her in the top 5% on standardized tests
  • You know your child is different than other children you’ve been around, but aren’t sure just how different
  • Your child is struggling in his/her current educational setting, but you know it isn’t due to ability
  • You’ve attempted to get help for your child’s unique educational needs, to no avail
  • You struggle with how to meet the insatiable curiosity of your child
  • Your child seems to focus intently on one subject to the exclusion of all others
  • Your child’s unique needs are causing struggles within school, within the family, or in interactions with other children
  • You don’t have anyone else to talk to about your child’s unique needs.

If any of this resonates and you’d like to see if I can help, contact me so we can schedule an initial conversation.

I may not be Your Collaborator if:

  • Your child has been diagnosed with a mental illness that is not controlled by medication
  • Your child has tendencies towards violence with you or others
  • Your child is on more than one medication for his/her health
  • You are in need of urgent help and are not able to contact me
  • Someone else is pushing you to contact me, but it isn’t resonating with you


If you think I may be able to assist you, there are several ways we can go about working together:

  • One-on-One
  • Family
  • Small Group
  • Large Group (speaking)
  • Business Workshops

I’m here to help in whatever way most resonates with you.

I’m passionate about helping parents. Whether one-on-one, in small group workshops, or from the stage, nothing lights me up more than impacting family relationships by preparing parents for the most important journey of their lives.

Shoot me a note at to schedule a time to talk about the possibility of working with me or having me address your group.

One-on-One Collaboration

I offer a 30 minute, $50 introductory consultation for us to figure out the best way to work together. This can be in person, my place or yours; via Skype; or in an old-fashioned telephone call. If we decide to move forward, the $50 can be applied to a future session or package of sessions.

First session $50
One hour minus first session $100
One hour $150
Five session package $600
Ten session package $1,000
Family Collaboration

Sometimes it’s impossible to see what isn’t working well when it’s right under your nose.  If you would like me to spend some time with you and your family and share my insights into what you could be doing to help things flow a little better, shoot me a note and we’ll work out a plan.  There are hourly, daily and weekly rates available.

One hour    $150
Five one hour sessions on separate days   $600
Ten one hour sessions on separate days    $1000
One full day (approx 8 hours)  $1200

Small Group Collaboration

It’s always more cost effective to gather 5-10 people with similar challenges to discuss strategies together. If you know of others with similar challenges who may want to be a part of a group discussion, let’s talk about what you have in mind and set something up. Here are some examples of topics that can be conducive to group conversation:

  • Identification of advanced children
  • Educational options
  • Advocating within your current educational system
  • Social and emotional needs
  • Legislative issues – Is the law on your side?
  • Unique parenting strategies

Location can be your place or mine or someplace public when applicable. Fee can be per person or payable by one source for the entire group.

Just shoot me an email and we can set up a time to talk details.

One hour with 2-5 people $50 per person
One hour with 6-10 people $20 per person
Two hours with 2-5 people $90 per person
Two hours with 6-10 people $40 per person
More than two hours or ten people by agreement

Large Group Collaboration

I love, love, love the opportunity to share with rooms full of people hungry for knowledge. Whether it’s:

  • Social and Emotional Needs of Children with Advanced Academic Abilities
  • Advocating Effectively Within Your Child’s Current Educational System
  • Alternative Educational Options for Children with Advanced Academic Abilities
  • Parenting Your Academically Advanced Child

$1000 (plus expenses)

School Collaboration

If you are a teacher or administrator in an educational institution with a significant population of students with high ability and would like help developing strategies to assist these students and their families with their unique challenges, I am available for collaboration.

$1,200 per day
$150 per hour
$5,000 per week

As A Speaker

My authentic, engaging, no-nonsense style puts people at ease. I might make you laugh. I might make you cry. I’ll definitely make you think about things in ways you haven’t considered. If you think I might be just what you need for your next gathering, drop me a line and let’s chat. Be sure to leave your best contact information and availability and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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