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Notaro. Little Fleet. Harvest Leather.

Oct 23, 2015

People: Tig Notaro

Stand up comedian. Well, she’s pretty damn funny.  Her documentary is entitled just Tig.  It is another beautiful story of how something tragic can become something lovely if you allow yourself to embrace the light that comes with it. Watch it on Netflix here!

Places: Little Fleet

Little Fleet, Traverse City, Michigan.  I just love stumbling across little places where people are just doing everything right.  Everybody knows I love food trucks and when you add live music, craft beer, great weather and friendly people, well, I might just have to move in.  The BBQ sundae I had – pulled pork layered with cole slaw then beans, then done all over again in a tall glass…genius delivery.  If you’re ever up that way…

Things: Harvest Leather

I discovered them at the Walnut Valley Bluegrass  Festival in September, 2015.  They live in Augusta, KS.  Their leather work is just   stunning.  I came home with my very own portfolio to put my ever present legal pad in, being the writer that I am.  But they also had really exquisite checkbook covers, wallets, phone cases, and belts.  If you’re looking for a lovely, different, artist-made gift for yourself or someone else, check them out. David and Lorna Switzer.  316-775-2795.  

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