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Marie, Childress, Kiva

Sep 11, 2015

People: Marie Forleo

Marie’s journey is so inspirational. She wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to do with her life, but she didn’t sit back and wait for the answer. She put herself out there over and over in many different ways, and listened to her intuition when it suggested that what she was doing might not be all there was. She is now the founder of the famed B School, an online course that helps people who want to start an online business. She is adorable and as my social media manager and I agreed, we want to be her when we grow up.

Places: Childress Fabrics

These people KNOW customer service. The LIVE it. They have two locations in Dallas, one on Good Latimer and another on Midway. I discovered this amazing little third generation company about 15 years ago. I’d found a fabric at Home Depot that I wanted to use in my son’s room and had chosen everything else to work around it…only to discover it was discontinued! When I took my little sample into Childress, they didn’t miss a beat. Said they knew who made it and would contact the sales reps in the area to find out if anybody knew of any that was around anywhere and if not, they’d just make it for me. Did you read that right? They were willing to find someone else for me to buy it from, meaning they wouldn’t make a dime. Or they’d just use one of their looms to make me some. I did not go that route because I assumed it would be cost-prohibitive, but they won a customer for life. They have thousands of fabric options for the home. Knowledgable salespeople who know right away how much fabric you’ll need for any project. They can recover or actually build from scratch. They’ll pick up and deliver, always within the timeframe promised. I’ll never use anyone else. Love them!!!!!!!!!

Things: Kiva

I discovered this organization shortly after they formed and was instantly smitten. They provide microloans to individuals and small businesses all over the world. A microloan may be as small as $25 to buy some cows to have milk to sell. Since they began in 2005, they have provided over $728 million in loans with a 98.68% repayment rate. How do they get it? They have local organizations vet the people they are loaning to, as well as distributing the funds and collecting the repayment. So there are no language barriers, they all share the same culture and there is local accountability. One Christmas, I gave my whole family $100 gift certificates and introduced them to the concept. We all sat around for the next hour or so as they identified who they wanted to make their $25 loans to. I started with $100 and each time I get repaid, I reloan. So far, I’ve loaned $1,025 with 41 loans in 31 different countries, all from that first $100 loan. Kind of a mind-boggling way to make the world a better place. I trust these guys and believe they are a great organization that is making a difference, one small business owner at a time.

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