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Carr, Cap Rock, AbeBooks

Aug 14, 2015

People: Kris Carr

Wow. What a story. Watch her trailer for her video, Crazy Sexy Cancer, about how she fought cancer.

So raw and honest. Helps people know they’re not alone when they’re going through the crazy flow of emotions after diagnosis. A success story that just keeps going. Her Crazy Sexy brand is amazing. She is amazing.

Places: Cap Rock Canyon State Park

Okay, so I have to admit a bias – my friend Donald Beard manages the park. But that’s not why I love it nor why I am recommending it as a place to visit. Quitaque is the official Bison Capital of Texas and the Texas State Bison Herd lives at the park. There is no other place where you will get so close to a wild bison herd. I have fallen completely in love with these gentle (not to be confused with not potentially dangerous) creatures that we almost annihilated from our planet. The story of how Marianne and Charles Goodnight saved this herd is one worth reading about. The park is really well kept and well run and if you really want to do yourself a favor and experience Americana at its best, go for the Texas State Bison Music Festival.


Things: Abe Books

I don’t remember who first told me about this site, but thank you! They partner with independent used booksellers across the country to help us find current and obscure books from the comfort of our own living rooms. If you are one who still prefers holding a book in your hand whenever you aren’t traveling, this could be your new best friend.

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