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How Great Leaders Inspire Action
By: Simon Sinek

 Whoa, now!  Just.  Whoa.  What an amazing storyteller.  What an amazing story.  Whether you are the leader in a business or a consumer of business, this is still a valuable lesson, very well delivered.  Knowing who you are and why you do what you do is way more important than what you do. Yep.  It’s 18 minutes.  Prop up in the bathtub or outside while you have your afternoon beer and enjoy.

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18 Master Values

Praise For Christine!

Christine is a strong woman who always stands up for what/who she believes in. She has a "never give up" attitude when it comes to getting things done. I have always loved her honesty and the way she believes in me!

Rhonda Feron Tulsa, OK

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Badassed Videos


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