18 Master Values

This book is the product of a 52 year journey of discovery. My childhood left much to be desired and when I had children of my own, I knew I wanted to do better by them. When I first read the sentence, “Discipline is Teaching,” it triggered a search to determine what exactly it was that I thought they needed to know before I launched them into the wild, new world. Parenting is the most important job we ever take on and is fraught with as many challenges as joys. My hope is that the ultimate knowledge I gained from my own search will serve others as they embark on their own parenting journeys.


"Insightful, inspiring; a book that will make you a better person."


"Wait, doesn't this kid come with a manual?  This is the manual. Brilliant."


"...heartfelt and bursting with humor and tenderness."


"Christine's brilliant story-telling ability, coupled with her child-rearing wisdom, makes this a must read for all parents or parents to be."

– Debbie

18 Master Values

D) In my lifetime, I have witnessed a growing spiritual poverty the exists when people dismiss their religions of origin because they didn’t feel right, or when they have had no spiritual instruction or affiliation at all. It can leave a person without a moral compass to help guide them in their decision making, and there are countless decisions to be made when we’re responsible for little humans. This book explores the 18 that I came up with for me and my family during my search. They don’t have to be yours. You can use them as is or as a conversation starter but I promise you that if you put the time in to carefully decide that which is most important to you, you’ll be able to peacefully defend your position whether the person confronting you is someone else, or yourself.

1: Love

The most important thing you can do for your child is to let them know they are worthy of love simply because they existed, regardless of anything they do or say.

2: Work Ethic

An adult who shows up and gives it his all, even when no one is watching, will find success. One who gets away with as little as possible will always struggle.

3: Positive Attitude

It isn’t what happens to us that determines how much joy our lives will hold, but how we choose to interpret it.

4: Integrity

More than just telling the truth, choosing to live an integrous life helps build strong relationships and gives us peace of mind when we lay our heads on our pillows at night. It isn’t just saying the right thing, it’s also acting true to our values.

8: Creativity

Encouraging our children’s individuality and uniqueness will help them find their path to why they came here.

9: Sense of Service

We are all in this together and finding the best way to use your time, talent, money, gifts and energy to make the world a better place is the antidote to most of what ails us.

10: Financial Acumen

Creating a comfortable, positive relationship with money is the foundation of a peaceful life.

11: Self Care

We can’t do our work in the world if we don’t first do what is necessary to keep our own mind, heart, soul and body healthy. It isn’t selfish. It is necessary.

12: Social Skills

Interactions with other humans is why we’re here. Connection is everything. The easier we can make it for our children to know the fundamentals of interpersonal communication, the more strong, long-term relationships they will be able to develop.

…delve into all the values.


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