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Every Monday morning, let’s sit down, grab a cup of coffee and I’ll give you my recommendation for a good book, a great movie, and one of my favorite songs. Discover something new or fall in love again with an old classic. Either way, join me each week for a new Monday Morning Coffee.

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Francis Mallmann, Family BBQ, Wooden Hats

Francis Mallmann, Family BBQ, Wooden Hats

Badassed Videos : Francis Mallman, Family BBQ, Wooden Hats If you haven’t watched Chef’s Table on Netflix yet, you’re cheating yourself.  Sure, there are a lot of cooking shows out there, but this beautifully produced series gets into the backgrounds of how the great...

Never Dine Alone

Never Dine Alone

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela A 500-mile, 1,000-year-old pilgrimage : …in this episode… One great thing about the Camino is that each meal presents the opportunity to speak with people from all over the world More Camino Videos Let's Connect! Search for:...

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Christine has such an amazing heart for people. When you talk to her, it is like talking to a lifelong friend from the very moment you meet her. You can just tell she truly cares about you as a person and what you have to say. She is very interesting, entertaining and is completely genuine…what you see is what you get (and what you get is pure gold).

Donald Beard

Quitaque, TX

Christine is a person of the highest integrity. She has a rock solid moral compass, is compassionate and is driven to make a positive difference in the world. She makes you better. You come away from an encounter with her feeling more centered, steadier, reconnected to Source and happy.

Bob Neff

Christine has the extraordinary ability to actually listen and really hear what people are saying. With her desire to be the best person she can possibly be, her undying tenacity has been such a great example to others that you can achieve your goals and dreams, if you really want them.

Mike and Jenny Tilbury

New Orleans

The Power of One Conference

The Power of One Conference serves to encourage conscious living by celebrating those who are living consciously. This is a one-of-a-kind event to connect those seeking to make a difference in the world with those who already are!

Join us for a day packed with speakers, panelists, interviews, and entertainers seeking to change the world. Topics will include conscious parenting, healthcare, the environment, alternative healing techniques, and nutrition, among others.

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18 Master Values

As a young suburban mother of three children, trying to sift through the random noise of ineffective punishment/rewards that I saw taking place around me, I heard the words, “Discipline is Teaching” and it rocked my world. It felt like Truth and made me wonder what the most important things were that I wanted to teach them before they left. 18 Master Values for Parents: Be the parent you wish you’d had is available now! …and on Amazon beginning in April, 2018!

My mom is one of the smartest, bravest, and empathetic people I’ve ever met. She puts others above herself and is always looking for ways to help people, whether they be strangers or close friends. She’s a good person to have in your corner.

Madison Smith

Los Angeles, CA

El Camino

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela is a 500-mile, 1,000-year-old spiritual pilgrimage that I embarked on in 2014. It was a transformational experience that people from all over the world were called to take part in. The people, the extraordinary natural vistas, the small towns and the time alone all added up to a journey of a lifetime. You can learn more about my experience, and that of others, right here.


Faith is not a light that dispels all our darkness but a lamp that guides our steps at night and that is enough for the road.

– Lumen Fidei

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Parenting is the most important job you’ll ever have. Raising decent humans requires you to assess who you are and what you want to teach them. If you are having challenges, let’s discuss the possibility of working together to help resolve them.

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Christine LOVES to talk about the importance of good parenting! Whether to a parent group at your school or your company, (employees with a happy home life make better employees!). Reach out to discuss the advantages of having Christine speak with your group.

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Christine is truly an inspiration! She challenges herself and others to be the happiest version of themselves. Christine has taught me not to live my life based in fear, but instead to let my courage and character shine through to help me achieve my hopes and dreams. Christine is truly a champion for encouraging others to enjoy their life without internal limits.

Dominique Traylor

Southlake, TX

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